Birds’ eggs  have been used as handicraft  since the remotest historical eras. The most popular have always been  the  peacock, ostrich, goose, duck, turkey , hen  and pheasant ones.
 There have been found decorated hen egg shells in Greece dated as far as 2000 BC.
Even earlier, Sumerians used to decorate  egg shells by 2600 BC. Soon after them, shells were found in China, Egypt and Iran.

Eggs were considered symbols  for the creation of the universe, for fertility and for good health.Christian believers also imply  the meaning of “re-birth, resurrection” when they use eggs for Easter.
Shells always have to be treated with  patience, love and dedication and help to express each nation typical culture.

I’ve had the pleasure of having been taught by the remarkable teacher Beatriz “Titi” Pena in the Cold Porcelain International Center in 1997. She transmitted  me the ancient egging, crafting and drilling techniques which I have been  improving  with more and more enthusiasm since then.
The most demanding challenge for me is to change the real shape of eggs so as to make them into unique pieces such as  La Calesita, Juego de Mate and Juego de Café.

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Every single egg used to make these pieces are sterile. They are , precisely speaking, hen, Guinea hen, duck, goose, turkey, ostrich and  pheasant sterile eggs which don’t affect our ecological system.



Recently we have celebrated our town, Armstrong, 120  Anniversary. There has been a big exposition of local industries, production, shops, artisans, etc. and I was called to participate. It was a pleasure to do so, as I have received so many compliments, congratulations and praise from my own people.
To commemorate this event, I made 3 works:

Armstrong in the world The main entrance Logo de Armstrong

::All these pieces are unique and skillfully hand-made. 



Both of them by an incredible Argentinian crafter


Liliana F. de Tosi

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