Cold Porcelain Course in CD, special of flowers and plants Nº 1

The cold porcelain course -special of Flowers and Plants Nº 1-, is already available. A step by step guide to learning a Flower Arrangement with Fuchsias, and a Bridal Bouquet with Mini Anturium, Jasmines and Culandrillo ferns.

The course includes

1 CD with the explanation of:
    1 Flower Arrangement (Fuchsias)
    1 Bridal Bouquet (Mini Anturium, Jasmines and Culandrillo ferns)

A step by step instructions on CD. Includes a great variety of photos and some helpful tips to develop you artistic skills in an easy way. And... of course, if you have any doubts, you can e-mail me and I will promptly answer your queries.


The price of the course depends on the destination where it has to be sent.

Cost of the price:

Countries bordering Argentina:
U$S 45 (postage and packaging included)

Rest of America:
U$S 52 (postage and packaging included)

57 (postage and packaging)

Rest of the world:
U$S 64 (postage and packaging)

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Liliana Ferrero
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Provincia de Santa Fe
República Argentina
Teléfono: 03471 - 461851

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Both of them by an incredible Argentinian crafter


Liliana F. de Tosi

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